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Archive of Past Workshop Presentations

Recent workshops:

Spring, 2017 - Graywater: Laundry to Landscape
Maintaining Native Gardens
How Green is your home? Presentation 1, Presentation 2, Presentation 3
5/24/2017: Heat Pump Water Heater Workshop

9/30/17 - Maintaining Native Gardens and Leak Detection

3/28/15Water-wise Edible Gardening, list of garden varieties, water-saving vegetables

5/23/15:  Tree Care in a Drought

6/3/15:  Design it yourself native garden checklist and powerpoint presentation,

6/13/15:  Install it yourself native garden checklist, Install it yourself native garden PowerPoint

6/26/15: Net Zero Workshop:

1. Home Efficiency  Genie Program Presentation
2. Net Zero Energy  workshop Presentation
3. Net Zero Midorihaus presentation

8/13/2015: Water Conservation 101

9/26/2015: Rainwater Harvesting
                    Rainwater Harvesting #2
                    Greywater Presentation

3/26/2016: Rain Barrel Workshop

5/21/2016: Greywater to Green Garden Workshop Presentation

9/24/2016: Beginners Landscape Design and Planning
                    Drought Tolerant Plants

10/15/2016: Pruning, Propagation & Deadheading

11/5/2016: Home Efficiency Genie Presentation

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Last Updated September 28, 2016