Utilities Publications

Documents, files, bill inserts, forms, applications and more are here.
Last Updated: Feb 25, 2015
+Bill Inserts
A collection of recent utilities bill inserts in PDF format. The months are listed alphabetically, not chronologically.
Services for commercial customers, including information about LEED certification, LED and small-scale generation technologies. Learn to manage office data centers and plug loads as well as how to do your own Walk-Through Energy Audit of your business. Additional publications relevant to businesses can be found below in the sections labeled Fiber Programs, Commercial Advantage programs, PV Partners and Commercial Utilities Rates.
+Customer Service and Meter Reading
For uploads relating specifically to our customer service representatives and meter reading operations
+Emergency Water Supply Project
+Environmental Rebates and Programs
Rebates and programs to reduce water and energy and cut greenhouse gases.
+Commercial Advantage Program
We're offering rebates on a range of eligible equipment for every kind of business, so you can choose from our menu of eligible technologies and add up your benefits.
+Electric Vehicle
+Energy Efficiency (Smart Energy) for Residents
Residential Energy Programs
+Feed-In Tariff (Palo Alto CLEAN)
+Fiber Program
+Photovoltaic (PV) Partners Program
+Solar Water Heating Program (SWHP)
+Google Fiber
+My CPAU Ad Series
These are copies of the ads featuring various Utilities employees and the work that they do on behalf of our customer-owners.
+Natural Gas Supply
+News Releases
News Releases for the Utilities Department
+Power Content Labels
+Rate Changes Summer 2009
+Rates Schedules for Utilities
As part of the City's proposed 2009-10 budget, and after careful consideration of financial revenues, expenses and reserves, the following rate increases took effect in July 2009:
+City Facility Utility Rates
Utilities rates schedules for City facilities
+Commercial Utility Rates
Utilities rates schedules for commercial customers
+Miscellaneous Utility Rates
Utilities rates schedules for items not covered under other groupings.
+Residential Utility Rates
Utilities rates schedules for residential customers
+Service Calls, Connection Fees and Applicable Discounts
Utilities rates schedules for service calls and connection fees, as well as customer discounts
+Safety Information
Downloadable Utilities safety publications dealing with Electricity, Gas, Water and Wastewater.
+Smart Grid
+Utilities Engineering
+1. Electrical Standards
Standard Details
+2. Electrical Requirements
+1. Temporary Service Requirements
+2. Residential Underground & Overhead Service Requirements
+3. Commercial Secondary Service Requirements
+4. Commercial Primary Service Requirements
+5. Multifamily Service Requirements
+6. Subdivision Service Requirements
+Reference - Standard Drawings EUSERC Reference Table
+CIP Projects
+Electric Materials Specifications
+General Service Application Forms
+Natural Gas
+CIP Projects
+CIP Projects
+CIP Projects
+Water Specifications
+Utilities Rules and Regulations
Utilities' rules and regulations for City of Palo Alto Utilities (CPAU) customers, as approved by City Council through the annual budget process. These utilities rules and regulations will be updated as changes occur.
Urban Water Management Plan
+Water Quality
Water Quality Reports
+Backflow Prevention
Materials related to the Cross Connection (Backflow Prevention Devices) Program