LED Streetlighting Conversion Project

To provide brighter, more efficient and high-quality lighting, the City of Palo Alto Utilities Department will be replacing existing streetlights with energy efficient LED lights throughout the City. The next phase includes 2,700 Light Emitting Diode (LED) streetlight fixtures in two areas on the map below. This work began during August 2012.

This project is an extension of last year's pilot project that installed LED streetlights on El Camino Real and Alma Street.
Status of the project:   3,255 streetlights installed out of 6,600 total.
                                        Pilot:  Completed
                                        Phase 2:  Completed
                                        Phase 3-- Pending City approvals, the project to install the remaining 
                                        2,300 fixtures will begin in late 2013.
                                        Phases 4 & 5--Fiscal year 2014

Contractor:  Republic Electric

Contact for more information:   Gopal Jagannath, (650) 566-4516

Map of the Project; phases are separated out by color for easy viewing.

Last Updated: Mar 18, 2015