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Palo Alto Launches 311 App for Drought Water Waste Reporting
October 16, 2014
Palo Alto 311 has been updated to include an option for water waste reporting. Read More...
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Be Aware of Scam Calls
October 8, 2014
We are receiving reports of scammers pretending to be from the Utilities department. Read More...
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Smart, Safe and Green Fun Zone
September 17, 2014
Videos, games and other delights to educate young people about utilities conservation and safety. Read More...
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Register for these FREE Palo Alto Workshops
September 5, 2014
Find out more about tree care, sustainable landscaping, home composting, attractive alternatives to lawns and new EcoHome. Take a tour of the... Read More...
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WATER--DROUGHT UPDATE--Palo Alto Water Use Guidelines
September 1, 2014
Read the latest updates on current water use regulations, drought conditions and what Palo Alto Utilities is asking customers to do. Learn what is... Read More...