PaloAltoGreen is a voluntary program available to all CPAU customers. This program offers the option of purchasing 100% renewable energy from solar facilities. Enrollment is simple, voluntary, and you may cancel at any time. You may enroll in the program by completing the online registration form below. If you have any questions about your enrollment, please email
Last Updated: Mar 18, 2015
PaloAltoGreen Business Enrollment

and would like to sign up for clean energy through PaloAltoGreen! I want to purchase 100% solar renewable energy at an additional cost of $0.015 per kilowatt hour (kWh). I agree with the PaloAltoGreen terms and conditions given below.  
Yes - I agree to the Terms and Conditions
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The following pricing terms and conditions disclose to consumers information about the PaloAltoGreen Program in accordance with Green-e Energy certification requirements.

  1. The premium is 1.5¢ extra per kWh of electricity used.
  2. We expect the rates for PaloAltoGreen to remain the same over time. We will notify you of any rate change in advance through customer communication.
  3. You are charged only for kWh used.
  4. This premium is in addition to all regular CPAU fees.
  5. Your monthly utility bill will show an additional line item.
  6. Participation does not include fees for customer service and delivery.
  7. You may cancel your enrollment any time at no charge.
For more information, please contact CPAU at (650) 329-2161, or  To view the Power Content Label for CPAU and PaloAltoGreen, click here.

Power Delivery Information
Through PaloAltoGreen, CPAU will continue to provide electricity to your premises. When you join PaloAltoGreen, CPAU purchases solar renewable energy certificates equal to the amount of electricity you use. Renewable energy is delivered to various points on the electrical system. Once delivered to the system, renewable power mixes with power from other electrical generation plants. Because of this, CPAU cannot guarantee that the actual electricity generated from renewable sources is delivered to a specific home or business.

Large Business Rates
Large businesses (E4 and E7 rat classes) participate in PaloAltoGreen by purchasing 1,000 kWh blocks of renewable energy.  The cost is $15 per 1,000 kWh block.  A business may buy renewable energy to equal 100% of its electricity use, or some portion, in 1,000 kWh increments.  To learn more, visit the PaloAltoGreen business page.

Green-e Energy Certified Renewable Energy
To ensure the environmental integrity of your purchase, all PaloAltoGreen renewable energy is verified through Green-e Energy, an independent third-party that acts on behalf of consumers. The Green-e logo helps consumers easily identify environmentally superior renewable energy options. For more information on Green-e Energy certification requirements, call 1-888-63-GREEN or log on to