Installing an EV Charger at Your Home

One of the benefits of purchasing or leasing an Electric Vehicle (EV) is being able to charge your vehicle at the convenience of your home. Studies show that 80% of actual charging of EVs occurs at home.

Residents in Palo Alto must obtain a permit from The City of Palo Alto before installing an EV Charger.

Follow these steps to install an EV Charger at home:

- City Requirements: Review CPAU's Checklist of Requirements for Residential EV Charger Installation.

- Vehicle Specific Needs: Ask your EV manufacturer what type and level of charger you will need to charge your vehicle and whether there are any associated regulatory requirements.

- Get a Permit: Before installing any residential charging system, apply for a permit from the City of Palo Alto. Submit a permit application, including all building and electrical plans for the installation.

- Licensed Contractor: Be sure to use a licensed electrical contractor. The contractor must follow guidelines specified by the EV manufacturer and the requirements outlined in the City of Palo Alto building codes.


Check CPAU's EV and EV Charger FAQs web page for more information or contact the following City offices:

- General EV or EV Charger Questions: Please contact Utilities Program Services at (650) 329-2241
- Permit Related Questions: Please contact Development Services at (650) 329-2496
- Utility Service Upgrade questions: Please contact Utilities Electrical Engineering at (650) 566-4500

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Last Updated: Sep 5, 2017