Business Rebates

Are you a small business with no time to become more energy efficient? Our Right Lights+ Program is for you! New programs include labs efficiency, hospitality (hotel services), free vending misers and commercial shower heads and Keep Your Cool for commercial kitchens.

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The Commercial Advantage Program is for you. Installing new energy saving equipment? We can help you with a rebate

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Need help to pay for the installation? We can give you a ZERO INTEREST loan.

Commercial Water Programs: Reducing water usage? We can help with surveys, rebates, and assistance.

Vi Living of Palo Alto is saving 326,628 gallons of water and 8,071 therms of gas per year by installing an ozone laundry system for efficient laundry processes. Hats off to Vi for being at the forefront of water and energy efficiency-and kudos as well for saving many thousands of dollars on their utility bill!

Last Updated: Sep 30, 2014