We make it easy!  At no cost to you, the City provides a consultant (BASE) who will work with you and your team to identify water and energy efficient ways to design your project so you get your money back.

You qualify if you:
  • Are a City of Palo Alto Utilities commercial or industrial customer
  • Plan to build a new facility or expand existing facilities
  • Desire to exceed the efficiency standards required by Palo Alto's Green Building Ordinance

Simple 3 step process:

Project Development
  • Call or email BASE to say that you are interested in participating in this program
  • BASE will schedule a project kick off meeting with you and your design team
  • BASE will identify and develop a first order estimation of potential energy and water efficiency

Project Implementation
  • Select energy and water efficiency projects based on BASE recommendations
  • BASE will then develop a detailed engineering and economic feasibility study
  • Complete and sign the rebate application.  Doing so commits you to installing the projects you select and guarantees the incentive funds will be reserved for you
  • Throughout project implementation, BASE will provide you with Technical Assistance as needed.

Project Verification
  • Once systems are installed and commissioned, BASE will verify project installation on site
  • Incentives will then be paid by the City of Palo Alto Utilities based on the verified energy and water savings

Customers must be 20% more efficient than required by Title 24 to receive a rebate. Electric rebates are based on a sliding scale depending on the constructed efficiency of the building.  Rebates start at $0.10/ first year kWh savings for projects 20% more efficient than Title 24. Rebates slide up to $0.30/ first year kWh savings for projects 30% more efficient than Title 24.  Projects that are >30% more efficient than Title 24 will receive $0.30/ first year kWh savings.

Natural Gas Rebates are a flat $1.00/ first year therm savings for projects that are 20% more efficient than Title 24. Total incentive is capped at $150,000 per project.

Contact BASE for more details:
Ricardo A. Sfeir, P.E., Senior Program Manager, BASE Energy, Inc.
5 Third Street Suite 630, San Francisco, Ca, 94103

(415) 543-1600
Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016