About Us

Director Ed Shikada welcomes you on behalf of all City of Palo Alto Utilities (CPAU) employees.  CPAU is the only city-owned utility in California that operates its own utilities including electric, fiber optic, natural gas, water and wastewater services.  We have been providing quality services to the citizens and businesses of Palo Alto since 1896.

Our mission statement: to provide safe, reliable, environmentally sustainable and cost effective services.

Emergency Numbers

9-1-1 for emergencies 
(650) 496-6914 to report electrical outages
(650) 329-2579 to report water, gas or wastewater problems
Email us at UtilitiesCommunications@cityofpaloalto.org to request a free "How to Reach Us" magnet with Utilities and other important contact information.

Contact Information

Customer Services (City Hall):   250 Hamilton, Ground Floor  (650) 329-2161 
Administration, Communication, Utility Program Services
(Efficiency/Renewable) and Resources (City Hall)
 250 Hamilton, 3rd Floor  (650) 329-2326 Administration
 (650) 329-2417 Communication
 (650) 329-2241 UPS
 (650) 329-2689 Resources
Engineering  1007 Elwell Court  (650) 566-4500 Electric
 (650) 566-4501 Water, Gas, Wastewater
Operations and Maintenance
(Municipal Services Center)
 3201 East Bayshore Road  (650) 496-6934 Electric
 (650) 496-6982 Water, Gas, Wastewater
Note: All Utilities staff and crews carry City ID cards.  You can always request to see the cards before allowing access to your property. Also, if you are concerned about whether any vendor or contractor who claims to represent the City is legitimate, please call us at (650) 329-2413 to find out.
Be Aware of Scam Utility Calls
Beware of fraudulent phone calls from scam artists claiming to be from the Utilities Department! Never provide payment or personal information over the phone. Hang up and call us at (650) 329-2161 to verify your account status if unsure.

Palo Alto's Open House Takes Community Behind the Scenes

The City of Palo Alto hosted an Open House on July 3 to showcase some of the “behind the scenes” work that it takes to operate a city.


Palo Alto Takes First Place for Amount of Solar per Customer
Utility connected the most solar capacity per customer to the grid in 2016

CPAU Scores Top Marks with Residential Electric Customers
The research finds Palo Alto residential customer satisfaction strong and solid on virtually every dimension, including power delivery reliability, customer service, and utility communication.
Group thumbs up

Groundbreaking for Baylands Major Flood Protection Project
Mayor Pat Burt participated in the groundbreaking for a massive flood-control project along the San Francisquito Creek designed to provide more than 5,700 homes and businesses in Palo Alto, East Palo Alto and Menlo Park with 100-year creek flood protection.

City of Palo Alto Adds 20 MW Solar Energy to its Carbon-Neutral Electric Resources
Large-scale Frontier Solar project begins commercial operations.

City of Palo Alto Ranks in National Top 10 for Most Solar Watts per Customer

Utility ranked third out of more than 300 utilities nationwide for 2015!

Palo Alto Resident Installs Solar PV Array

City of Palo Alto Utilities Named 2016 Tree Line USA by Arbor Day Foundation
Utility is recognized for second year in a row for demonstrating how trees and utilities can co-exist for community and citizen benefits.

Tree-Lined Street in Palo Alto

Trees Need Water (Especially) During Times of Drought

Palo Alto has done a great job in its water conservation efforts, and through its diligence, the community has cut water usage more than 33 percent compared to 2013 levels. While we need to conserve water, doing so may be impacting the City's trees, which are showing signs of stress.


City of Palo Alto Leads the Way in Sustainability

PaloAltoGreen Gas is the First Green-e Climate Certified Natural Gas Offset Program Offered by a Municipal Utility


Water Service Disruptions
Updates on water service disruptions.

CPAU Scores Top Marks for Customer Satisfaction
The City of Palo Alto Utilities (CPAU) scored top marks again in a nationwide survey of utility customers for large business customer satisfaction.

City of Palo Alto Utilities Awarded Public Power Utility of the Year
City of Palo Alto Utilities is awarded Public Power Utility of the Year. Palo Alto Utilities has a long history of providing innovative and progressive programs on the cutting edge of environmental sustainability. Forward-thinking community support for renewable energy has encouraged development and growth of our comprehensive solar electric programs.


Reduce High Winter Gas Bills
Now that cold weather is here, use as many of these tips as possible to stay warm and save on natural gas!

About CPAU
The City of Palo Alto Utilities (CPAU) is the only municipal utility in California that operates city-owned utility services that include electric, fiber optic, natural gas, water and wastewater services.

Palo Alto Adds Two New Large-Scale Solar Projects, 60 MW to Renewable Energy Portfolio
Solar energy now supplying one-third of Palo Alto’s total electric needs each year!
Large scale solar panels tilt toward the sun.

Fiber Optic Services Pricing Overview
General information and examples of how the City's Fiber Optic Service pricing works.

LED Streetlights Shine
PHASE 3 expected to finish this summer---see how the new LED street lights are transforming our town!

Avoid Wasting Energy Through Vampire Loads and Game Consoles
Find out how to avoid wasting energy through "phantom loads" and how much energy your video game console uses when it is OFF! Did you know that your set-top cable box uses as much energy as your refrigerator?

Palo Alto's Solar PV Program is a National Achiever Again
National rankings show Palo Alto is again among the top utilities nationwide for solar electric installations.

Earthquake Safety Tips
Getting ready for an earthquake
Photographer: J.K. Nakata, U.S. Geological Survey; image is public domain%2Fof free use

Geoexchange Heat Pump (GSHP)
Learn how the Children's Library in Palo Alto is utilizing a geoexchange heat pump to heat and cool the building more efficiently.

How To Keep Your Sanitary Sewer Working Properly
Ways to prevent sewer backups and avoid expensive emergency plumbing.

Average Electric Rate Comparison
Curious on how the City of Palo Alto Utilities' electric rates compare with others?

Electricity Reliability During Summer Months in California
During Summer Months Here is what CPAU customers need to know about the situation, what Palo Alto is doing and what customers can do to help avert long term outages.

My Utilities Account
See information about your utility bill and usage online.

Fiber Optics Glossary of Terms
For businesses interested in the City's Fiber Optics program, we provide this handy explanation of common terms.

Last Updated: Oct 3, 2017