Advocacy and Legislation

Zero Waste is about changing how our society uses resources, from product design to disposal. Zero Waste goes beyond the borders of the City of Palo Alto. 

To support the essential changes necessary for us to achieve our community’s Zero Waste goal, we need to get involved and lend our voice on a larger level, and encourage corporations and governments to foster policies and regulations that support wise resource use and discourage wasting.

There are a variety of ways to lend your support. The four Zero Waste concepts below show the various directions support can take.


Four Central Zero Waste Concepts:

  • Change the Rules to support resource recovery
  • Create Producer Responsibility to hold industry accountable for creating less toxic and more efficient products
  • Purchase for Zero Waste to use buying power as our voice for Zero Waste
  • Create Resource Recovery Infrastructure to build the processing and recovery systems to move us toward Zero Waste.

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California Product Stewardship Council
The California Product Stewardship Council (CPSC) is a non-profit corporation supported by many local governments and government entities, business partners, and others who have pledged to support the CPSC Mission. CPSC’s mission is to shift California’s product waste management system from one focused on government funded and ratepayer financed waste diversion to one that relies on producer responsibility in order to reduce public costs and drive improvements in product design that promote environmental sustainability.

Californians Against Waste
Founded in 1977, Californians Against Waste (CAW) is a non-profit environmental research and advocacy organization that identifies, develops, promotes and monitors policy solutions to pollution and conservation problems posing a threat to public health and the environment. Californians Against Waste is dedicated to conserving resources, preventing pollution and protecting California's environment through the development, promotion and implementation of waste reduction and recycling policies and programs.

Product Policy Institute
Product Policy Institute (PPI) is a North American not-for-profit working to prevent waste and promote sustainable production and consumption. Founded in 2003, the Product Policy Institute’s mission is to promote waste prevention and sustainable production and consumption practices through good public policy and governance. PPI advocates public policy that protects public health and safety and slows climate change by encouraging waste prevention, clean production and reduced use of toxics in products. PPI’s strategy is to organize local governments and communities to press for state-by-state Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) framework policies that will hold producers responsible for ensuring that their products and packaging do not become public liabilities.

Last Updated: Oct 3, 2017