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Last Updated: Nov 23, 2014

Zero Waste Block Leader


Local Zero Waste 'Experts' To Answer Your Questions & Foster Neighborhood Efforts

Zero Waste Block Leaders are neighborhood Zero Waste “experts” in your neighborhood, able to answer recycling and reuse questions; supply useful, concrete information on ways to reduce household waste; disseminate information about upcoming events, issues and offerings; and create neighborhood waste reduction projects.

Zero Waste Block Leaders
 Name Neighborhood Email
Nina Haletky  Arastradero Park Apartments nloveone*
Annette Puskarich     Barron Park annettepuskarich*
Karen Saxena     Barron Park heypalermo*
Amie Neff Charleston Meadow amie.neff*
Ute Engelke College Terrace utschnut*
Joyce Martha Community Center joycemartha*
Margaret Row Duveneck/St. Francis margaretrow* 
Nancy Olson First United Methodist Church nso2431n*
Karen Sundback Greenmeadow sundback*
Walt Hays Greenmeadow wkhays*
Alexi Miller Midtown miller.alexi*
Annette Isaacson Midtown annetteisaacson*
Patti Regehr Midtown patti*
Clare & Cliff Smith  Midtown falaise*
Debbie Mytels  Midtown dmytels*
Rani (Prerana) Jayakumar Midtown promiserani*
Caryll-Lynn Taylor Midtown Court midtownneighborsandfriends*
Carla Matlin  Miranda Green c.matlin*
Debra Van Duynhoven Old Palo Alto debra*
Laura Chiu  Palo Alto Catholic Parish  lauraleechiu*
Herbert Fischgrund  Palo Verde herbalf* 
Katie Graham Portola Valley  katiegrah117*
Peter Skinner Professorville peter*
Shannon McEntee Sheridan & Ash St shannonrmcentee*
Edie Keating South Palo Alto edie.keating100*
Yoriko Kishimoto University South/Professorville ykishimoto*
Claire Elliott Ventura clairee44*
Elizabeth Dougherty 2300 Block of Bryant Street paloaltoeditor*
Pamela Chesavage 3800 Block of Middlefield Road  pamela*

SPAM-FIGHTING TACTIC: You must change the * in the email address to @ in order to email a Zero Waste Block Leader.

Zero Waste Block Leader Commitment

  • Reach out to your community to let them know you are a resource for them
  • Answer recycling and reuse questions
  • Share information about the Zero Waste system and how it relates to every day life
  • Disseminate information about upcoming events, issues and offerings
  • Relay community concerns to the City
  • Foster neighborhood waste reduction projects (e.g., host a Zero Waste Party Pack - we'll help you!)
  • Attend meetings twice a year for program updates, training, exchange of best practices and networking with other Zero Waste Block Leaders


Program Goals

  • Increase community understanding of and engagement in Zero Waste practices
  • Increase waste reduction, waste diversion and other Zero Waste efforts
  • Improve the efficiency and efficacy of Zero Waste outreach and education
  • Leverage resources by using existing community networks to share information between neighbors


For more information or to become a Zero Waste Block Leader email or call (650) 496-5910. 

Last Updated: Oct 28, 2014