Palo Alto's Urban Forest

Welcome to the Urban Forestry Section web page of the Public Works Department. The staff of the Urban Forestry Section is responsible for the maintenance of Palo Alto’s public trees and urban forest. The staff reports to the Urban Forester who has overall responsibility for all City of Palo Alto tree concerns and manages the Arborist who is the liaison for the development process private tree concerns, and additional assisting field arborists who schedule, inspect, and administer field work and direct in-house tree maintenance crews. The in-house crews perform pruning, removal of dead and hazardous trees, planting and watering of trees, and emergency tree operations. Under the direction of the Urban Forester, the assisting arborists inspect trees, administer contracts with other tree services companies (such as stump grinding and pruning), line-clear for utilities, and ensure tree protection standards are met and permits are properly approved and enforced. 

Please call (650) 496-5953 if you have questions about City-related tree services.
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Public Works Urban Forestry Section
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Last Updated: Oct 3, 2017