Street Sweeping

Regular Street Sweeping Schedules

Typically we sweep your street on a weekly basis and it is our goal to do that year round. However, during the fall leaf season, October - January, we may be off this schedule due to our heavy workload. A combination of the over-abundance of leaves to collect and/or holidays may make this goal impractical. During the fall and winter season it is our intent to make a complete round of the City on any given week, however, any equipment failure or storm interaction or City observed holiday can have a major affect on our ability to stay on schedule. If during this period you miss our sweep, be assured, we will sweep as soon as it is possible. Typically this would be during the week following but not necessarily on your regular day for sweeping. This would be a makeup and makeups are done as time allows. 

 To find the day of the week your street is swept, use the
 Street Locator

Last Updated: Oct 23, 2013
Street Sweeping Ordinances
The following ordinances describe what actions are violations and may result in enforcement. Advise gardeners not to blow out tree leaves and landscaping debris or other matter into the gutter!

Reporting Spills, Dumping, and Back-Ups
If you notice any unusual substance in or around a storm drain, or if you see someone dumping anything into the storm drain, street, or gutter, to local creeks or the Bay, or elsewhere in the outdoor environment, call 650-329-2413 immediately!