Street Sweeping

New Street Sweeping Contractor to Start October 27

The City of Palo Alto has changed from performing much of its street sweeping in-house to contracting with Contract Sweeping Services. The change, effective Oct. 27, is estimated to save the City approximately $649,000 annually. A monthly Refuse Fee reduction of $1.40 per customer will be passed on to rate payers beginning November 1, 2014.  Please refer to staff report #4892 for more details.

Residential routes will continue receiving street sweeping on their regularly scheduled street sweeping day. There may be some modifications to the days/times of when the light commercial areas are swept, but no changes are scheduled for residential routes at this time.  Service levels will remain the same during leaf season which is typically mid-October through mid-February changing to every other week for residential and light commercial beginning mid-February. The University/California Avenue business areas will continue to be swept three times per week and El Camino Real will continue to be swept weekly year-round.  Detailed information about the non-leaf season every-other-week street sweeping service in the residential/light commercial areas will be available in January 2015. For up to date information please check this webpage or call (650) 496-6974.

Impacts to Street Sweeping Schedules
Your street will continue to be swept on your current scheduled day, however during the fall leaf season the schedule could be delayed due to the extra workload. A combination of the over-abundance of leaves to collect and/or holidays can impact the schedule. If during this period you are missed be assured we will sweep as soon as it is possible. Typically this would be during the week following but not necessarily on your regular day for sweeping

Last Updated: Nov 6, 2014
Street Sweeping Ordinances
The following ordinances describe what actions are violations and may result in enforcement. Advise gardeners not to blow out tree leaves and landscaping debris or other matter into the gutter!

Reporting Spills, Dumping, and Back-Ups
If you notice any unusual substance in or around a storm drain, or if you see someone dumping anything into the storm drain, street, or gutter, to local creeks or the Bay, or elsewhere in the outdoor environment, call 650-329-2413 immediately!