Reserve Officer

The Palo Alto Police Reserve Officer Program is designed to bring men and women of the community together to assist and supplement department personnel in law enforcement efforts.

The Palo Alto Police Department currently has eleven reserve officers. These officers have varied backgrounds and represent different factions of our community. We have lawyers, engineers, scientists, financial consultants, students, and several entrepreneurs. However, all of our Reserve Officers share in the same commitment and dedication to the City of Palo Alto and the Police Department.

Reserve Officers work a minimum of sixteen hours per month. The majority of their time is spent working as uniformed officers in the Patrol Division. The Reserve Officers also assist in the following areas:

  • City-Sponsored special events
  • Stanford-Sponsored special events
  • Investigations
  • Crime scenes
  • SWAT
  • Prisoner transport
  • Field Training Program

To learn more about the Palo Alto Police Department and the Reserve Officer Program, request to go on a Ride-Along with a patrol officer. Experience the distinctive professionalism that is the Palo Alto Police Department.

If you have any questions about the Reserve Officer Program, are interested in the Reserve Officer requirements, or would like to apply, please call the Reserve Coordinator at 650-329-2459 or email

Last Updated: May 3, 2012