Calling 911

Use 9-1-1 to save a life, report a fire, stop a crime, report a suspicious persons or activity that is occurring (right now). 9-1-1 is the right number to call in an emergency when a prompt response is needed. There could be a fight or an assault occurring right now, a fire burning, or a medical problem occurring now which could be life threatening.

  • When you call, we need to know as much as you can tell us about:
  • What has occurred?
  • Where did it occur?
  • When did it occur?
  • Any injuries?
  • Were any weapons involved?
  • Any associated vehicles? (License, Color, Make, Year, Body Style, Wheel Type)
  • Suspect description? (Sex, Race, Age, Height, Weight, Hair, Eyes, Glasses, Tattoos, Marks, Scars, Complexion, Hat, Coat, Shirt, Pants, Shoes)

While on the phone with the call taker, EMERGENCY help is being dispatched. Staying on the line, if asked to do so, will NOT delay help from responding units. If it is possible and does not compromise your safety, do not hang up the phone until the 9-1-1 call taker says it is okay to hang up.

What if I call 9-1-1 by mistake?

Please stay on the line if you call 9-1-1 by accident, and tell the dispatcher that everything is OK. If you do not stay on the line we may have to send a police officer to your home to make sure there is not a problem.

Call our Business Line at (650) 329-2413 to report non-emergencies such as:

  • To report a crime that is not in progress or did not just occur.  
  • An injured animal.
  • A noise complaint.
  • Fallen tree limbs.

Call the Police Desk at (650) 329-2406 for such things as:

  • Information about a police report.
  • To leave a message for an officer.

9-1-1 and VoIP (Internet) Phones

You may have seen recent posts on social media sites urging people in the U.S. to dial 1-1-2 rather than 9-1-1 in certain emergencies.  This is bad advice.. Click on the following link for more information: 1-1-2 vs. 9-1-1 - Here are the facts...

Last Updated: Oct 3, 2017