Disaster Preparedness

Pet Preparedness Guidelines:

                This will serve as a guide to prepare for your pets during a disaster or an emergency situation.  You should become familiar with the available community responses by local animal shelter, veterinarians, police/fire and your neighbors.  Keep in mind; you may need to provide for your family and animals for a minimum of 7-15 days even in the best of situations.

                Prepare a personal disaster plan before it happens; educate your neighbors and family/friends, and then test the plan.  You should identify potential sites to move your family and animals should this need to happen and plan on how you would get there.  If at all possible, identify a neighbor that is familiar with your pets that could assist in their care if you were not at home or unable to return to your home.

                “Emergency Kit” (Keep all of this in a waterproof, light weight container):

Food & Water:  Store at least a 2 week supply of canned and/or dry pet food (remember to monitor dated shelf-life) and drinking water and rotate as necessary.  Under normal conditions an adult or 90lb dog needs a minimum of about a gallon of water a day.

Pet Supplies:  

                Keep collars/leashes, carriers accessible. 

                Two bowls per animal – unbreakable (one for food and one for water)

                Manual can opener, metal spoon

                Blanket/soft bedding

                Carrier/crate – cover or tarp for weather protection

                Plastic bags for feces disposal/clean up – Newspapers

                Litter box and small bag of cat litter

                Favorite toy

                Battery operated fan

Documents/Information per animal: (keep in a zip lock plastic bag)

                Rabies vaccination certificate

                Other vaccination records, DA2PP, FVRCP, etc.

                Copy of dog license certificate; Microchip number

                Color photo taken within the last year

                Written description

                Name, address, phone number of veterinarian

                *If you have made a pre-designated person to care for your pet, have their contact information readily available and a signed release authorization.

Medical information:  (Keep in a zip lock plastic bag) all medications should be identified and labeled with a two week supply.  Special instructions should be inserted in the bag for each individual animal.

Last Updated: Apr 18, 2015