Safe Routes Education Resources

The City's Safe Routes to School Program coordinates bicycle and pedestrian safety education for Palo Alto's public school students. Listed below are selected education resources for parents and students.  

How to Cross Middlefield and Embarcadero The City of Palo Alto is redesigning the intersection of Middlefield and Embarcadero to improve how the streets work for all users.

How to Use the Bike Box to Terman The City of Palo Alto is redesigning the intersection of Donald/Terman/Arastradero to improve how the streets work for all users and enhance bicycle and pedestrian safety.

What's a Roundabout? Roundabouts keep traffic flowing while maximizing safety and lowering speeds at intersections. Here's how to navigate a roundabout whether you are on foot, on a bicycle, or in a vehicle.

Want to get a Green Light? This flyer tells you where to position your bike so you are detected automatically by a traffic signal.

How to Park at a Rolled Curb (Color): This document provides guidance on how to properly park at  rolled curbs, also known as rounded curbs, which are common throughout the neighborhoods of Palo Alto.
How to Park at a Rolled Curb (Black and White version) 

What's a Sharrow? Sharrows are used to guide bicyclists on streets that don't have bike lanes. This document gives you more information.

Green Bike Lanes Flyer: New bright green bike lanes are appearing all over town. These lanes create a visible, dedicated space on the road for bicyclists.

Marked Crosswalk Flyer: Crosswalks prioritize space on the road for pedestrians. Find out what drivers, cyclists and pedestrians need to know about crosswalks.

Use Your Head, Wear a Helmet (English)  (En Español) This document describes how to properly fit a bicycle helmet. Parents should inspect their children's helmets at least every quarter. as the straps come out of alignment with use. 

Bicycle Safety: What Every Parent Should Know: A guide for parents of elementary school-aged children. Addresses common myths about cycling and the young child, describes how to avoid common bike/car collisions and gives detailed instructions on teaching young children basic bicycle safety skills.

Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety for Parents and Youth:  An excellent, locally-sourced guide to bicycle and pedestrian safety for ages 10 years and up.

Bicycle Safer Journey: Skills for Safe Bicycling for Ages 5 to 18 (5 min video) On this page, students can view short videos tailored to their age groups: 5-9 years, 10-14 years, and 15-18 years. The videos are also available in Spanish.

A Kid's Eye View: Bicycle Safety for Parents from a Child's Perspective (10 min video):This video is for parents and adults who are responsible for a child learning to ride a bicycle correctly and avoiding collisions. The video explains the most common bicycle mistakes children make and how to avoid them.
How Children See Traffic: This document spells out the developmental differences between children and adults with regard to biking and walking. If you don't have 10 min. to watch the Kid's Eye View video above, read this instead.'s Safe Riding Website (cartoons and slideshow) Great for middle and high school students. Click on "Play All" to view short cartoons on how to ride safely and avoid common mistakes. The link in the Riding in Traffic section starts a slideshow with easy-to-understand diagrams that teach safely skills. Click on the green arrow to advance to the next slide.

SFMTA Bicycle Guide : An in-depth guide to all things bicycle from San Francisco. Geared toward parents and older students. Videos for Parents and Children. 

Fitting and Adjusting Your Bike / Bike Helmets  / Sharing the Trail These videos by  the League of American Bicyclists address topics such as how to ride safely and courteously on shared bicycle and pedestrian paths, such as our local  Bol Park Path near Gunn High school and the Caltrain Path near Palo Alto High School.

Adult Crossing Guard Locations The City of Palo Alto Police Department funds and oversees crossing guards throughout the city. This document lists the 29 locations where the City sites adult crossing guards. Crossing guard locations are also noted on the Walk and Roll Map of each public school in Palo Alto.

Palo Alto Crossing Guard Warrants This document details the criteria to be met before the City of Palo Alto places an adult crossing guard at an intersection to help young student pedestrians cross the street.

Walk and Roll to Palo Alto's Libraries! Find the best routes for walking or biking to the Palo Alto libraries with this helpful map that includes library hours as well as bike and pedestrian safety tips.

For more information about the Safe Routes to School Program, please contact Sylvia Star-Lack at  or at (650) 329-2156.
Last Updated: Aug 2, 2017