What is High Speed Rail?


The High Speed Rail (HSR) system currently under design in California is a complex and challenging project. HSR is rapidly evolving and at this point in the planning many of the important decisions regarding HSR have yet to be finalized.
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Thus, the City of Palo Alto encourages residents to stay informed on the HSR project because of how dynamic it is.

The California High Speed Rail Authority (CHSRA) is the governing body for this project and is responsible for implementing the project statewide. In November of 2008, HSR took a big step forward when California voters approved $9.95 billion in bond sales to cover some of its construction.

The CHSRA Board of Directors and is composed of nine members. Five of these nine members are appointed by the Governor, two of the nine by the State Senate, and two of the nine by the State Assembly. Below is a list of the current nine CHSRA Board members:  

Russ Burns                Thomas Richards
David Crane                Lynn Schenk
Fran Florez                 Matthew Toledo
Quentin Kopp              Tom Umberg
Curt Pringle

Click here to view member profiles on the CHSRA website.

Today, HSR is in the implementation phase and is going through a series of difficult design challenges, analysis, and scrutiny.