Palo Alto is committed to promoting and encouraging bicycling as a safe, healthy, economical, environmentally friendly mode of transportation that is a viable and convenient alternative to the automobile. The most recent Census data reports that 7.1% of Palo Alto residents commute to work by bicycle, up from 5.6% in 2000. The City continues to work to significantly increase its proportion of travel by bicycle by providing facilities, services, and programs that promote bicycling.

Stanford Palo Alto Trail Program: Connecting the Bay to the Ridge

Stanford University and the City of Palo Alto partnered to develop a joint application to take advantage of grant funding currently available through the County of Santa Clara. The proposed Stanford-Palo Alto Trail Program will  implement five new bicycle pedestrian pathways to connect Stanford University, the Palo Alto Lands, and the Arastradero Preserve. View the joint application here.

Bicycle & Pedestrian Transportation Plan Update

The City’s current Bicycle Transportation Plan was developed in 2003.  An update to the plan is currently underway and includes new analysis of pedestrian issues to better link shared use trails and on-street facilities with key destinations.  The plan also emphasizes the needs of school children and an aging population.  New, innovative bicycle design standards are included in the update to help further promote and connect the City’s extensive bicycle network.  Development of the new Bicycle & Pedestrian Transportation continued through Spring 2012.  The Draft Report was recommended for adoption by the Planning and Transportation Commission for Recommendation on March 28, 2012.  The Final Report is currently available for public review.  We would like to thank everyone that was able to attend the Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan Update - Community Workshops.

To download a copy of the  Final Bicycle and Pedestrian Transportation Plan, follow the link below:

           Final Report –  Bicycle and Pedestrian Transportation Plan 
                                                     (Adopted JULY 2012)

Historical Project Information:
Jan 2011 PABAC Community Meeting - Click here
Feb 2011 City-School Traffic Safety Committee - Click here
Feb 2011 Planning & Transportation Commission - Click here
May 2011 Council Study Session- Click here (Staff Report& Min. click here)
May 2011 City-School Traffic Safety Committee - Click here

Last Updated: Jan 22, 2013
Adobe Creek Undercrossing CLOSED for Winter
Reopens April 15, 2014. Because this undercrossing is subject to unexpected closures and debris from heavy rain and flooding, the City closes this route every winter for safety reasons.

Channing Avenue Concept Striping Enhancements
Proposed striping enhancement concept plan for Channing Avenue (Lincoln Avenue to Newell Road)

Bicycling Improvement Form
Submit comments and suggestions for improving bicycling safety in Palo Alto.

Bicycle Advisory Committee (PABAC)
The Palo Alto Bicycle Advisory Committee is a citizen advisory committee which reports to the Chief Transportation Official.

Bicycle Commuting/Lockers
Palo Alto has been a leader in the development of innovative bicycle projects and programs for over three decades.

Bicycle Licenses
The Palo Alto Municipal Code (Section 10.64.010) requires residents to license their bikes before riding on City streets and public property.