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Plan sets on this webpage are intended to provide greater public outreach to neighboring residents and are intended to be used for review purposes only.  Any duplication or unauthorized use of these documents may be protected under the Federal Copyright Law. Note: It may take up to seven (7) days for the project plans to be uploaded to the City's website. Prior to this, plans may be reviewed at the City of Palo Alto's Development Center located at 285 Hamilton Avenue.  If you need additional information please call 650-329-2441.

In order to provide better service to the community, Planning staff is moving towards greater use of the Building Eye website.  This website will give you a graphic/map view of all recent Planning applications, project status in real time, and quicker access to project plans.  Significant commercial, residential and mixed-use projects will still be shown on this webpage along with more specific project details. 

To access project information, including plans where appropriate, please follow the steps below to access our permit database.

1. Go to:

2. Enter project address in search box.

3. Click on the map marker (i.e. dot) and a sidebar on the right hand side will open that lists projects for the address. Here is where you will find a basic project summary. If no symbol shows on the map, there is no active project associated with the address.

4. Project Plans (and other documents): To view the project's plans, scroll to and select the “More details” button listed for the respective project in the sidebar.

5. In the new window that opens, click on the “Record Info” tab and select “Attachments”. A list of available documents will be shown.

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Wireless ProjectPreliminary Architectural Review of location/siting criteria, configuration design criteria, and configuration design options for the deployment of small cell wireless communication equipment on utility poles and streetlights in the public right-of-way. Project proposes multiple sites

    Project Planner: Rebecca Atkinson @ 650-329-2596

693 Arastradero Road- Request by Mary Ricks, on behalf of Bowman School and Steven Pierce, for Architectural Review, Conditional Use Permit and Variance.
    Project Planner: Claire Hodgkins


1310 Bryant Street- Request by Kathleen Layendecker, on behalf of the Castilleja School Foundation, for an amendment to an existing Conditional Use Permit to increase the number of students.

    Project Planner:  Amy French @650-329-2336

3600 West Bayshore- Preliminary Architectural Review of a Proposal for an Overpass Structure Near San Antonio Road, and Trail.

    Project Planner: Claire Hodgkins@ 650-329-2116


1451 - 1601 California Ave. - Major Architectural  Review to allow a new 180 unit housing development on 16.96 acres in the RP (AS2) zoning district. 

    Project Planner: Jodie Gerhardt @ (650) 329-2575

1451-1601 California Avenue - Request by The Board of Trustees of the Leland Stanford Junior University to amend the Final Map for Tract Number 10281

    Project Planner: Sheldon A. Sing @ (650) 938-1111

900 N. California Avenue- Architectural Review of three single family homes.

    Project Planner: Adam Petersen@ (650) 408-340-5642 ext.106

380 Cambridge Avenue - Architectural Review to renovate two existing buildings and to demolish the existing building at 380 Cambridge Avenue for the construction of a three-story 35,000 s.f. commercial building. 

        Project Planner: Sheldon Ah Sing @ 938-1111

190 Channing Avenue- Preliminary Architectural Review of a new mixed-use project.

    Project Planner: Adam Petersen @ (650) 938-1111


 2600 El Camino - Preliminary Architectural Review for demolition of the existing six-story building and construction of a 62,616sf four-story office building 

    Project Planner: Sheldon Ah Sing @ 650- 938-1111

2755 El Camino Real - New 50 foot tall, 4 story building totaling 41,304 sq. ft., and a zoning code text change amendment 

    Project Planner: Claire Hodgkins @ 650-329-2116

3001 El Camino Real - Site and Design review of a proposed Mixed use Development..

    Project Planner: Claire Hodgkins@ 650-329-2116

3200 El Camino Real - Review of the demolition of existing structures and the construction of a new four-story 93 room hotel with two levels of underground parking. 
    Project Planner: Sheldon Ah Sing  @650-838-2996

3265 El Camino Real-  Architectural Review of a new four story mixed use project 

    Project Planner: Adam Petersen@ 408- 340-5642

3877 El Camino Real -  Architectural Review Board (ARB) review for a new three-story mixed use project at 3877 El Camino Real with 18 residential units and approximately 5,038 sf of commercial space. 

    Project Planner: Sheldon Ah Sing @ 408-340-5642

4146 El Camino Real - Prescreening for new three story residential building with one-level of below grade parking.

    Project Planner: Sheldon ah Sing@ 408-

799 Embarcadero Road - Architectural Review of the site and building design of Palo Alto Fire Station .

Project Planner: Amy French@ (650)-329-2336

1700 Embarcadero Rd. -  Request for  Site and Design review of a new four Story  building. See Details

    Project Planner: Sheldon A. Sing @ (650) 938-1111

1925 Embarcadero Rd.- Replacement of existing perimeter fencing at the City of Palo Alto Airport.

    Project Planner: Claire Hodgkins @ (650) 329- 2116



611 Hansen Way - Technical study of risks associated with the storing and handling of hazardous materials at Communications and Power Industries, Inc. (CPI) in the Stanford Industrial Park adjacent to single family residences on the north side of the Barron Park neighborhood.

901 High Street- Major Review of a Site and Design

    Project Planner: Margaret Netto @ 650-329-2442

3251 Hanover Street  Major Architectural  Review for a new 110,000 Sf R&D building.

    Project Planner: Sheldon Ah Sing @ 408-340-5642 ext.106


411 and 437 Lytton Avenue-   Architectural Review of a 3 story mixed use building.

    Project Planner: Sheldon Ah Sing @ 650-329-2596


567 Maybell Avenue-  Major Architectural Review and Tentative Map.

    Project Planner: Sheldon Ah Sing @ 650-938-1111

1470 Monte Bello- Site and Design of a bridge

    Project Planner:Claire Hodgkins@ 650-329-2116



1050 Page Mill Road- Major Architectural Review Board review

    Project Planner: Jodie Gerhardt

240 Pasteur Drive- Major Architectural Review Application to allow the construction of the a new Biomedical Innovations Building for the Stanford University School of Medicine.

    Project Planner: Rebecca Atkinson@ 650-329-2596




744 San Antonio Ave.  -  Architectural Review of a lot merger, demolition of existing structures, and the construction of two new hotel buildings, underground parking garage, hotel amenities and additional site improvements..

    Project Planner: Sheldon Ah Sing  @ 650-938-1111 x 109

250 and 350 Sherman Avenue- City of Palo Alto Public Safety Building and Parking Garage

    Project Planner: Amy French @ 650-329-2336.


429 University Ave. - Major Architectural Review of a  new four story mixed use building with ground floor retail, two floor of office, third floor residential use, and a terrace on the fourth floor. Zone District: CD(C)(GF)(P). 

    Project Planner: Christy Fong @ 650-838-2996


Wireless ProjectPreliminary Architectural Review of location/siting criteria, configuration design criteria, and configuration design options for the deployment of small cell wireless communication equipment on utility poles and streetlights in the public right-of-way. Project proposes multiple sites

    Project Planner: Rebecca Atkinson @ 650-329-2596

For projects not listed, please access our permit database to get information, click here.

Last Updated: May 15, 2017