Professorville Design Guidelines

Professorville Draft Design Guidelines are available for review!

The Professorville Design Guideline Committee is pleased to present a draft of the Professorville Design Guidelines. These guidelines will be included as a new "Guideline #6" within the existing Single Family Individual Review Guidelines.

For your convenience, we've created two files that you may download and review:

1. A smaller-sized file containing just Guideline #6- Properties within the Professorville Historic District. This document focuses on Guideline #6. 

2. A larger-sized file containing the entire Single Family Individual Review Guidelines with Guideline #6- Properties within the Professorville Historic District. The Professorville Design Guidelines references the existing five guidelines, so it will be helpful to view Guideline #6 in context with the other guidelines. This is the document format that would ultimately be used by the public. 


Posted June 17, 2011

On October 25, 2010, the City Council, following review of a request for demolition of a Contributing Structure in the Professorville Historic District at 405 Lincoln Avenue, directed staff to outline a process for timely review of proposals regarding demolitions of Contributing Structures in Professorville.  The focus of the assignment was to ensure that future applicants of proposals in Professorville would have a clear understanding of the City’s requirements early in the process, and these would provide applicants with a measure of predictability for project review.   Staff returned to Council on March 14, 2011, with recommendations and direction for modifying the historic review process for structures in Professorville (see City Council staff report ID#1346).  The Council supported staff’s recommendations which included requiring early review of proposed designs of both additions and new structures in the Professorville Historic District by the Historic Resources Board (HRB) and developing design guidelines including design compatibility criteria for new construction in Professorville.  The Council also directed staff to work with the HRB, residents of Professorville and other interested members of the public to develop the guidelines.


On May 18, 2011, the HRB discussed the process for developing design guidelines for Professorville (see HRB staff report).  These guidelines would be used for all projects in Professorville in order to ensure compatibility of new construction with the district and would address additions and remodels as well as new homes.  The HRB supported the following staff-recommended process for developing the guidelines.


  • Professorville Design Guidelines Committee includes staff , two HRB members and up to four Professorville property owners;
  • Committee will prepare draft guidelines focusing on the compatibility of  new construction with the district as a whole;
  • HRB will review/modify committee recommendations;
  • City will convene a meeting with area residents and interested parties to review proposed draft guidelines;
  • HRB will review community comments and modify draft guidelines as needed;
  • Historic consultant will review proposed guidelines to ensure their consistency with the Secretary of Interior’s Standards for; and
  • HRB will formally recommend approval of the Professorville Design Guidelines and forward them to City Council for approval.


It is anticipated that the committee work will be completed in late summer with the HRB and community review in early fall.  The HRB will make its formal recommendation to the City Council after the review by the historic consultant in the fall.


On June 17, 2011, the City sent out notices  to all residents in Professorville requesting volunteers for participation on the committee.  Those interested are asked to contact Diana Tamale at 32-2144 or email


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