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Downtown Cap
 Study Area





 Work Scope


City Council directed staff to conduct a Downtown Development Cap Study to evaluate existing conditions, developmental trends, assess parking and traffic needs and to calculate potential developmental capacity that can be accommodated in Downtown. City plans to perform the Downtown Development Cap Study in two phases.

The Phase 1 study will comprise of reviewing all existing Downtown studies and reports, studying existing conditions and development trends, evaluating parking and traffic conditions, conducting surveys on parking habits, travel modes, business characteristics, and building employment intensity. To assess future growth that can be accommodated in the Downtown area, City will conduct market and development feasibility analysis. As a part of the traffic analysis, traffic volume forecast, trip generation and trip assignment calibration and future year forecast will be done. Assessment of changes in bicycle, pedestrian and transit circulation patterns will be studied. It is expected that Phase 1 will be completed by August 2014.

The Phase 2 study will be primarily policy analysis work based on the outcome of Phase 1 study. The following map shows the boundary of the Downtown Cap Study area.

Map of Downtown Area

Public Meetings on the Downtown Cap Study

  1. PTC meeting May 28, 2014, PTC Study Session on Downtown Cap Study Staff Report 
  2. PTC meeting May 28, 2014, PTC Study Session on Downtown Cap Study Presentation
  3. PTC meeting May 28, 2014, PTC Study Session on Downtown Cap Study Minutes

Get Involved

Starting March 2014 City will start its community involvement process. Together, we will study the current conditions within the Downtown Cap Study area—its issues and critical trends that may affect its future—as well as how the updates relate to other planning efforts, such as the Comprehensive Plan Update. We will discuss projected growth scenarios and their impacts; and key issues to be considered as part of Phase II, when policy choices will be formulated and deliberated. 

    There are many ways you can participate: 

  • City will be inviting community members who are interested to meet with our Downtown Cap Study consultants and participate in the process. The group will be comprised of Downtown neighborhood representatives, Downtown property owners, Downtown business owners, and other interested individuals or organizations. They will be serving as “ambassadors” to the community at-large, and providing input for and confirming key issues and objectives. 
  • City’s consultant will be performing Street Intercept surveys and Business surveys and focus group interviews to get public input through the process. 
  • Community workshops/Open houses will be held in July to share the findings with the community. 
  • Planning and Transportation Commission public hearings will be held to review research, reports, analysis and generate feedback. 
  • City Council will be briefed towards the end of the process on the results of the research and analysis.

A Focus Group has been formed for the Downtown Cap Study and the group met April of 2014 to review and comment on Street Intercept Survey Report and Background Report.  City plans to hold another Focus Group meeting in late June of 2014.

Project Documents

  1. Street Intercept Survey Report (May 23, 2014)  
  2. Background Report:  Development Trends Parking and Traffic (May 23, 2014)
  3. Summary of Business and Employment Density Survey
  4. Downtown Development Cap Evaluation Report

Background Documents

  1. 1986 Downtown Study Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR)
  2. 1986 Downtown Study Final Environmental Impact Report (FEIR)
  3. 1989 Citywide Land Use and Transportation Study Final Report 
  4. University Avenue Parking Assessment - Final Engineer's Report
  5. Downtown Monitoring Reports
    1. 2008 Annual Downtown Monitoring Report 
    2. 2009 Annual Downtown Monitoring Report
    3. 2010 Annual Downtown Monitoring Report
    4. 2011 Annual Downtown Monitoring Report
    5. 2012 Annual Downtown Monitoring Report
    6. 2013 Annual Downtown Monitoring Report

Downtown Cap Scope Development  

  1. City Council October 21, 2013, City Manager’s Report on Downtown Development Cap RFP Award
  2. City Council October 21, 2013 Meeting Minutes
  3. City Council March 18, 2013, City Manager’s Report on Downtown Development Cap RFP (Informational Item)
  4. City Council March 18, 2013 Meeting Minutes
  5. Planning & Transportation Commission (PTC) Meeting of January 9, 2013 Staff Report Downtown Development Cap RFP Review
  6. PTC Meeting of January 9, 2013 Meeting Minutes
  7. City Council November 13, 2012 City Manager’s Report instructing Staff to develop scope of work for Downtown Cap Study
  8. City Council November 13, 2012 Meeting Minutes


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