“Know Your Neighbors” Grant Program

UPDATE (as of October 14, 2013): Thank you for your interest in the Know Your Neighbors Grant Program. At this time, we are not accepting any additional applications for 2013 neighborhood grants. To view the status of grants, please click here.

Do you know who lives next door or down the block?

The 2013 “Know Your Neighbors” Grant Program is a one year program designed to help neighbors better connect with each other while strengthening community and improving the quality of life and neighborhoods in Palo Alto.

Program Goals

1. Build sense of community.
2. Develop or renew neighborhood relationships.
3. Encourage interaction between generations and cultures.
4. Develop collaborative partnerships between Palo Alto neighborhoods and the City.

Be Creative!
Creative ideas for neighborhood activities are highly encouraged!

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The Know Your Neighbors Grant Program offers small grants intended to facilitate people getting together and getting to know one another. In 2013, there is a total of $25,000 available for grants. Neighbors may apply for a grant up to $1,000 for activities such as block parties and picnics, event kick-off celebrations, ice cream socials, neighborhood crime prevention and safety activities, or other functions and gatherings involving the building of connections between neighbors. Know Your Neighbors grants may be applied for at any time throughout the 2013 calendar year (at least one month prior to event date) and will be awarded on activities that meet eligibility requirements on a "first come, first serve" basis until the allocated funding is depleted.


   Camp Iris Way & Block Party 
Residents of Camp Iris Way 

Crime Prevention & Safety Fair
 Leland Manor ePrep Group

 Food Truck Fridays
 Downtown North Neighborhood

Grant Guidelines & Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for a Neighborhood Grant, applicants must be Palo Alto residents and may be representatives of a formal neighborhood association, neighborhood or community group, or informally associated neighbors. Activities must be neighborhood-focused, initiated and supported by residents living in the neighborhood, and have a well-developed implementation plan. Activities must benefit the neighborhood.

Activities must focus on one or more of the following areas:

  • Increase communication among neighbors.
  • Enhance neighborhood pride and identity.
  • Bring both longstanding and new neighbors (moved within last 5 years) together in their neighborhoods and seek to incorporate interaction between generations and cultures.
  • Create new and innovative ideas for neighborhood events.

For complete details on grant guidelines and eligibility requirements, click here.

Funding decisions will be made based on whether activities meet eligibility requirements and on a first come first serve basis. Each applicant will be notified of the result of the evaluation of their proposal. The City reserves the right to suspend or cancel the Neighborhood Grant Program at any time, at the City Manager’s discretion, whether or not all allocated funds have been awarded or dispensed.

Neighborhood groups must complete their activities/events within 6 months of receiving notification from the City of grant award. Activities may begin after grant approval and must be completed within twelve months. A follow up evaluation must be completed within 30 days of the activity/event conclusion and must provide photos and details about how the activity helped strengthen the neighborhood, how many people were impacted, what new ways neighbors worked to create a more connected community, if objectives were met, and if the project was successful.

Contact Us
For more information, please contact Sheila Tucker at the City Manager’s Office at (650) 329-2452 or email KYNgrants@cityofpaloalto.org.

Last Updated: Nov 5, 2013