Reading History

Have you ever wanted to keep a record of the library books you've read, but never had time to make a list or can't find the list you did start?

Our new library catalog offers a feature called “Reading History.”

  • Reading History is an opt-in feature of your account.
  • Participation in this feature is voluntary.
  • The default for library accounts is for the Reading History to be off.

The Library does not automatically collect library users’ Reading History.
You must opt in to activate your Reading History.
Your Reading History is private and will only build from the point you opt in.

If you opt-in, your Reading History will begin when you check out your next items.

You may export your Reading History, download to your computer or delete all or part of your list.

You may opt-out and delete your reading history at any time.

This personalized reading record is accessible online to you, alone, by logging into your library account; library staff will not have access to this information.

However, with the appropriate court order, it is possible that law enforcement officials could gain access to your reading history.
If you choose to start recording your Reading History, you agree to allow our automated system to store this data. Reading History is subject to all applicable local, state, and federal laws. Under those laws, it could be accessed by law enforcement authorities without your permission. If this is of concern to you, do not use the Reading History feature.

Confidentiality of Library Patron Records Policy

To Keep Your Reading History:

To opt-in,

  1. log-in to your account (click on your name in the top right corner after logging in)
  2. choose “Reading History"
  3. select the “Save Reading History” button.

Accessible online through "My Library Account," Reading History records the title, author, and checkout date for items checked out to you once you opt in to the service.
Once you have opted in, the system will begin maintaining a history of the items you check out.

At this time the system cannot include LINK+ interlibrary loan, eBooks, or eMedia items in your Reading History. Also, please note that the system cannot retroactively access your history, so you will only be able to view titles checked out after you've opted in.

Titles are stored in your Reading History until the Library no longer owns a title or you choose to delete a title from your list.

To Turn Off and Delete Your Reading History:

You must delete your Check-out History before opting out of the service. You may export your Reading History and download to your computer before opting out, if you choose.

  1. Log in to your library account 
  2. Click on the Reading History link, then click the "Delete All" button, which will delete your Reading History from the library’s server. This action is irreversible.
  3. Click the "Turn Off Check-out History" button. The system will stop maintaining a record of your checkouts from this point forward, until you choose to opt in again.
Last Updated: Oct 3, 2017