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This summary provides a brief overview of the City of Palo Alto's Benefit Plans available to REGULAR employees (those regularly scheduled to work 20 hours or more per week). If there is a conflict between the information in this summary and the official plan/contracts, the official documents will determine how the plans work and the benefits they pay. The benefits described may be changed and terminated at the City's discretion.

Some employee groups have different benefits based upon negotiated Union Agreements. More specific compensation information may be found in the "Summary of Compensation" section located below.

Public Employees' Retirement System (PERS)

  • 2% at 60 formula for Classic employees
  • One-year final compensation for 2% at 60 employees
  • 2% at 62 for New CalPers Members
  • Three-years final compensation for 2% at 62 employees only
  • 3% at 55 formula for Classic Safety employees
  • 2.7% at 57 for New Safety CalPers Members
  • Three-years final compensation for all Safety employees
  • Pre-Retirement survivor benefits    
  • Non-Contributory Deferred Compensation Plan
  • Fully paid employee and dependent Dental Plan
  • 90% paid employee and dependent Medical Plan (Up to the second most expensive plan offered)
  • Fully paid employee and dependent Vision Plan
  • Fully paid Life and AD&D insurance equal to annual salary
  • Long Term Disability plan
  • 12 annual paid holidays (most employees)
  • Two to five weeks vacation annually depending on years of service
  • 96 hours annual sick leave (most employees)
  • Credit Union Services

The City of Palo Alto maintains compensation plans for the following seven employee groups: Limited Hourly, Hourly Unit, Classified, Police, Fire, Fire Management, and Management/Professional. Visit the Memorandum of Agreements webpage

Please note: The City does not participate in CA State Disability Insurance (SDI) or Social Security.  

Last Updated: Apr 19, 2017
Labor Agreements
Labor agreements contain information about wages, hours and fringe benefits as well as the terms and conditions of employment for classification within the Union or Association's representation unit.
Memorandum of Agreement between City of Palo Alto and Local 1319, International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF)
Revision Date: 4/16/2016
Memorandum of Agreement between City of Palo Alto and Palo Alto Peace Officers' Association (PAPOA)
Revision Date: 4/16/2016
Memorandum of Agreement between City of Palo Alto and Local 521, Service Employees International Union Hourly Unit (SEIU-H)
Revision Date: 9/1/2014
Salary Rate Sheets
These pages contain the actual salary rates for the classifications of each respective employee group.
Revision Date: 2/17/2017
Summary of Compensation
The summary of compensation includes special compensation, pay differentials, medical and insurance plans, tuition reimbursement, leaves, commute incentives, vacation and uniform purchase plans. Not all benefits are listed nor apply to every employee group.
Limited Hourly Employees Compensation Plan - August 11, 2014 through June 30, 2017
Revision Date: 8/11/2014