Fire Stations

The Fire Department staffs six full time stations located strategically throughout the City. To provide coverage in the sparsely developed hillside areas, an additional fire station in the foothills is operated during the summer months when fire danger is high.

The Fire Department facilities are located as follows:

Fire Administration
City Hall
250 Hamilton Avenue, 6th floor

Fire Marshal and Fire Inspection Bureau
285 Hamilton Avenue, 2d Floor

Fire Station 1
301 Alma Street

Fire Station 2
2675 Hanover Street

Fire Station 3
799 Embarcadero Road

Fire Station 4
3600 Middlefield Road

Fire Station 5
Barron Park
600 Arastradero Road

Fire Station 6
Stanford University
711 Serra Street

Fire Station 8
Foothills Park
3000 Page Mill Road

Last Updated: Mar 4, 2015