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Fire Chief Eric Nickel leads a department of 121 personnel (line, prevention and staff) and 7 fire stations. We staff 6 Fire Engines, 1 Truck, and 3 Ambulances. Then during the months from July to October we staff a wildland engine company at our Foothills Park Fire Station (#8) in response to the heightened wildfire dangers of the summer. We are the EMS provider for both the City of Palo Alto and Stanford University including transport ambulance services.

Our goal for this website is to provide you excellent fire safety information and to let you know of local events with your firefighters. We have also added a Fire Report Log so that you can see our incident breakdown and the wide variety of calls to which we respond. Bear with us as we continue to streamline and update information for you.

Please let us know if there are any specific topics you’d like to see here or if you have thoughts on how we can improve our Fire Department Web Page.

We also welcome suggestions or comments on your interaction with or observations of our staff and emergency responders. All contributors identities will be kept confidential. Thank you for suggesting photos of our fire stations. We are working on this and will add them to our "About Us" page as soon as we can.

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For public demonstration requests please click here or call 650-329-2233 to leave a message. All requests will receive a reply within one week.

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  • We are currently promoting the 9-1-1 Campaign. Read more about it on our Safety Tips page.
  • Check out the information regarding the Santa Clara County Emergency Alert System (Alert SCC) and how it can help you be informed during an emergency.
  • Spare the Air Days can effect the decision to have a fire in your fire place. If you are unsure whether or not today is a spare the air day or you have a neighbor that has a fire going in their fireplace, refer to the Spare The Air website for assistance in what to do.
  • Interested in the AED's placed around City Hall and several City buildings? Learn more about where they are, what you can do if someone needs your help and how the AED's work. See the articles below. As further training is scheduled, we will post those dates on this website.
  • Palo Alto Fire is now on PulsePoint: a smartphone application that allows you to see our calls for service as they are dispatched. But more importantly to find an AED near you in case some is in need of your assistance. Read more about this wonderful new addition to our services in the attachment below.
  • Strategic Plan
    Over the last 6 months, with the help of the community, staff and line personnel, the Fire Department has created a Strategic Plan for the next 5 years. We have already started tackling some of the items identified in the process. Feel free to read through the Strategic Plan, attached below.
  • Performance Report:  Below is our inaugural Quarterly Performance Report.  This report is a key step in our strategic plan: to report our excellence and support internal and external communications highlighting what we do and how well we do it.  Please take a moment to read through this document to learn how your Fire Department supports and ensures your safety every day.  We are a part of your community and this document details our interactions with all of you.
Last Updated: Dec 2, 2014
Bicycle Licenses
The Palo Alto Municipal Code (Section 10.64.010) requires residents to license their bikes before riding on City streets and public property.


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