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Installation, New Media

Artist Statement

t.w.five is a female collaboration duo made up of Brazilian artist, Paula Pereira, and Swedish artist, Pernilla Andersson, both currently living in the US. As a pair, we explore our opposite cultures and turn our ideas and thoughts into massively-sized vinyl installations that are carefully hand-cut and then placed onto vinyl boards or directly onto windows, walls, ceilings and floors.

Our work most often investigates the experience of culture shock and the impact of technology on relationships by using images that appear very graphic from a distance but are abstract and complex up close. Our work also addresses societal diversity, the “right” to be part of a given society, and subsequent exclusion by that society leading to alienation.

By choosing recognizable subject matter such as transportation, gadgets and text, our goals are to be accessible to a broad audience and to open up communication between art viewers everywhere. We are not seeking to create confusion about what our viewers are seeing; instead, we want to connect with our viewers by making art that they can understand and talk about with others. We think that, by doing so, art will reach a range of unexpected minds and places.

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t.w.five at State Gallery:
Dates: Aug 20th – Sept 30th
Reception: Aug 20th, 6-9pm

Across From Us

The front room: We created sections of different landscapes depicting time. The daytime view represent a viewpoint that could easily been seen at the California coast side. The big installation is made in multiple sized panels and placed strategically to form a landscape. Across from the large scaled daytime landscape there will some quiet nightscapes, in much simpler shapes. Our interested came from experience the world in our daily lives always involving time difference with our families, since that both our native countries are in different time zones from the USA. With these work we are hoping to beautifully connect our/the world somehow.

The back room: In the Polaroids we explored the concept of societal diversity by investigating notions of togetherness. We used images depicting situations where one is either forced or freely chooses to be in an environment. We depicted groupings of objects and people brought together willingly, and also brought together through circumstance, to show the range of emotional bonds within various structures

Last Updated: Oct 3, 2017