CASP Artists

The City of Palo Alto's Cubberley Artist Studio Program (CASP) is excited to announce the selection of 28 incumbent and new artists for its newly relaunched artist residency program. Selected artists demonstrate the broad spectrum of media and approaches visible in Palo Alto and regional art community. The selected artists work in a rich diversity of media, including painting, drawing, printmaking, assemblage & and mixed-media installation, photography, sculpture, video, costuming for theater, social practice, and performance.

Selected artists, both incumbent and new, showcase the program's tradition of excellence as well as its future potential. Ten incumbent artists include: Lessa Bouchard, Linda Gass, Marianne Lettieri, and Ann McMillan.

CASP welcomes new artists: Daniele Archambault, Barbara Boissevain, Servane Briand, Charles Coates, Mel Day, Catherine di NapoliAmy DiPlacido, Rachelle Doorley, Patrick Fenton, Jennifer Gonsalves, Conrad Johnson, Pantea Karimi, Paloma Lucas, Andrew Muonio, Ernest Regua, Sahba Shere, Melissa Wyman, and artist duo t.w.five.

For more information about CASP and artist selection process view Press Release.

Daniele Archambault  Mel Day Linda Gass Ann McMillan  
Barbara Boissevain Catherine di Napoli  Jennifer Gonsalves  Andrew Muonio  t.w.five
Lessa Bouchard Amy DiPlacido Conrad Johnson Pantea Karimi Melissa Wyman
Servane Briand Rachelle Doorley Marianne Lettieri Ernest Regua
Charles Coates Patrick Fenton Paloma Lucas Sahba Shere
Last Updated: Nov 8, 2017