Catherine di Napoli

Studio E-6


Abstract Painting / Collage


Artist Statement

I came to the world of abstract-expressionist art through my work producing and writing films, including UNTITLED, a satire set in the world of contemporary art starring Adam Goldberg. 

While creating art for Parker Posey’s character in the newly released film, THE ARCHITECT, I realized my approach to painting is not unlike the way I write a script.  At first the process is spontaneous, free-flowing and fun.  When writing a script, I experience what the characters are experiencing.  I document their experience, transcribing their dialogue and actions into visual scenes. 

With painting, the first part of the process involves transcribing colors I experience and forms those colors suggest.  I innately know and express where the pieces are to exist, to move or to flow.  The second part of the process is more editorial.  It’s about structure and seeing the piece or the story as a whole.  Choices must be definite—and sometimes severe; eliminating the extraneous and defining the energy.  Each painting is a visual poem:  the essence of a moment composed of energy, rhythm, space and tone.
My current Ecstasy series was inspired by a piece of Alexander Scriabin's music: “Poem of Ecstasy,” a cosmic self portrait scored in 1907. 

2017© Catherine di Napoli

"Inside the Birdcage of My Mind" 4 x 6 feet, 2016

"Ecstasy 32"  4 x 6 feet, 2016

"Orange Euphoria"  4 x 6 feet, 2016

Community Engagement
Catherine di Napoli hosted visitors in her studio during Cubberley Community Day. She invited visitors to create an abstract expressionist painting to music. Here are siblings Annabel and Matthew with their finished artworks:

Contact Info

Instagram: catherine_di_napoli


Catherine di Napoli -- Ecstasy: A New Exhibition of Works by di Napoli
diPietro Todd - Mill Valley
January 17 - March 15, 2017
Reception: February 3, 4-6 p.m.

Catherine di Napoli -- Ecstasy Unbound: A New Exhibition of Works by di Napoli
diPetro Todd - Pacific Heights
July 1 - September 30, 2017

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