Palo Alto Perry

Palo Alto Perry’s Journey – an Ambassador for the City – an Emblem for the Community Spirit

For many years donkeys have lived in the Barron Park neighborhood and have become the beloved four legged friends and mascots of our city.  Currently, there are two donkeys residing in the park: Niner and Perry (the model for Shrek) who go out for walks on Sunday mornings to meet families and friends along the paths of Bol Park.

Palo Alto Perry is an ambassador for the real Perry and was born out of a challenge to discover what makes Palo Alto lovable and why we connect emotionally to our town.  The challenge was given at the For the Love of Palo Alto workshop facilitated by Peter Kageyama, best-selling author of “For the Love of Cities: The Love Affair Between People and Their Places.”

Palo Alto Perry will travel the neighborhoods and landmarks of Palo Alto to collect the hopes, aspirations, love and achievements of the community. He is fitted with a saddlebag that will collect these short lovable notes from his ambassadors and those he meets along the way. Palo Alto Perry will be escorted around town by local volunteer ambassadors who have signed up to show him their favorite spots around town.  Palo Alto Perry will, therefore, become known as the Neighborhood Ambassador of Palo Alto.

Our goal is to have Palo Alto Perry visit landmarks, neighborhoods and locations all around town; wherever his ambassador feels is a special, lovable spot that has not yet been seen by Palo Alto Perry. His travels will be documented via social media by his ambassadors who will send photos and comments of his tour, which will be posted on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Palo Alto Perry will visit key Palo Alto institutions in a fun but ultimately meaningful way.  For example Perry will visit the Palo Alto Medical Foundation for a wellness check and the Palo Alto Animal Shelter for immunizations and licensing. He will also make a stop at the Utilities Department to be honored as an Energy Ambassador. We invite Palo Alto individuals, schools organizations, businesses and Neighborhood Associations to join the fun and host Palo Alto Perry.

Palo Alto Perry’s final visit around town will be at the 34th Annual Summer Festival and Chili Cook Off on July 4th. Anyone who has not yet met Palo Alto Perry will have the chance to add his or her lovable note to his saddlebag. Following Palo Alto Perry’s long trek around town, he will present his lovable notes to the City Council and receive a Proclamation for his hard work traveling the neighborhoods of Palo Alto and collecting the community spirit of Palo Alto.

Palo Alto Perry will make his debut appearance at the 93rd Annual May Fete Parade, Saturday May 2nd at 10am along University Avenue. Mayor Karen Holman will be his ambassador at the parade. Please be sure to come to the parade to meet Palo Alto Perry in person and sign up to be his ambassador.

We invite Palo Alto organizations, businesses and neighborhood associations to host Palo Alto Perry. Please sign up here on Facebook!

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Last Updated: Apr 20, 2015