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Collector says Great Glass Pumpkin Patch® is ‘Uniquely Palo Alto’

Collector says Great Glass Pumpkin Patch® is ‘Uniquely Palo Alto’

Roxane Mehta lives only a couple of blocks away from the Great Glass Pumpkin Patch® and views the annual event as something that is uniquely Palo Alto.

“I usually buy them and then give them away to friends who are visiting,” says Mehta, who has been visiting the Patch since it began 22 years ago. “The glass pumpkins are a nice thing to remember Palo Alto by.”

Mehta says she only has a few glass pumpkins, but that she uses them as centerpieces on her dining room table.

“There’s just some small detail of the pumpkin that calls out to me,” she says. “Everyone likes something different, whether it’s the color of the pumpkin, the twirl of the stem, or the size of the pumpkin.”

She says that one of her daughters is also interested in the glass pumpkins and glass blowing, and will most likely represent the next generation of pumpkin collecting in her family.

She says that the Candlelight Cocktails event, when Activist-level and above Palo Alto Foundation members are given the first pick of the glass pumpkins, is her favorite part of the Patch.

“I do really love it because it’s just so beautiful, especially when the light from the setting sun catches the pumpkins,” she adds.

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Last Updated September 9, 2017