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Ceramic Artist Gurmeet Lamba Finds Inspiration at the Art Center

Ceramics artist Gurmeet Lamba, who will be exhibiting and selling his unique wares at this year’s Holiday Sale at the Art Center on December 2, said he is excited about the event for a couple of reasons.

“I think the artists who work out of the Art Center have these amazing creations in jewelry and ceramics,” he says. “To be in the exact space where the art was created and will be offered for sale—how many opportunities like that do you get? The artists can explain the creative process, and it’s as genuine and authentic as it gets.”

Gurmeet’s signature piece of ceramic art are medium-sized food pots. He also says that he likes to replicate large antique milk cans, recreated in ceramic rather than traditional metal.

“Overall, I tend to like making larger items, which goes back to my engineering background,” says Gurmeet, who works as the Chief Operating Officer for an artificial intelligence company. “My life is so technical and analytical, so what excites me about pottery is the creative aspect . . . that you can touch and feel what you are creating. For me, the process of making it is more exciting than the final result.”

He also says that he is often asked why he does not have a studio at home. He replies that coming to the Art Center to work on his ceramics is a critical part of his creative process.

“I really enjoy the critiques you get from the other artists and the staff, and the social aspect of being able to work around other artists versus working alone,” he says. “To me, that is the highlight of coming to the Art Center—it is the perfect space for coming up with inspiration.”

Check out Gurmeet’s ceramic artwork during the Jewelry and Ceramics Sale at the Art Center on December 2, 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Palo Alto Art Center Foundation members will have the opportunity to preview and purchase artwork on December 1, 6-8 p.m.

Last Updated: Mar 27, 2015