Spectral Hues:
artists + color

January 21-April 9, 2017

Mitchell Johnson, Piaggio, 2009-12, oil on canvas, 78 x 120 in., Courtesy of the artist

Forty-five years ago the Palo Alto Art Center opened its doors with an exhibition exploring the conceptual use of color by Bay Area artists. As a continuation of the Art Center’s year-long celebration of its still vibrant service to the Palo Alto community, spectral hues examines light and color in the work of today’s Bay Area artists by featuring a selection of works that explore the presence, or lack, of color along with the optical and emotional influence of color on the viewer, and the interaction of light and color. This exhibition is guest curated by Sharon Bliss.

Kristin Farr, Magic Hexagon, 2016, gouache and acrylic on wood, Courtesy of the artist

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