2016 City Council Priorities

On Saturday, Jan. 30, the City Council held its annual retreat at the new Mitchell Park Community Center in the El Palo Alto Room at 3700 Middlefield Road, Palo Alto to discuss and adopt its priorities for the upcoming year. Each year, the Council sets its priorities giving the community a clear definition of what the City is trying to accomplish throughout the year. This year, the Council adopted four priorities that will "receive particular, unusual and significant attention during the year.

The 2016 Council Priorities are:

  • The Built Environment: Housing and parking with a particular emphasis on mobility.
  • Infrastructure
  • Healthy City, Healthy Community
  • Completion of the Comprehensive Plan
  • Council will look to its four priorities to inform its 2016 Work Plan for the upcoming year. Each priority will have a focused plan with a list of prioritized projects and directives for City staff.

    Last Updated: Feb 3, 2016