Highway 101 Pedestrian/Bicycle Bridge Project


Project Description

The Highway 101 Pedestrian Overpass Project at Adobe Creek will replace the existing seasonal Benjamin Lefkowitz Underpass that is available only half the year (on average) due to seasonal flooding. It would also complement an existing, although Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) deficient, overpass that is 1.25 miles north. The new overcrossing will also include a 0.13 mile Class I trail connection along an existing Santa Clara Valley Water District maintenance road.


In the heart of Silicon Valley, Palo Alto (along with its neighbor to the south, Mountain View) is home to hundreds of technology and research-based companies, including a number of major employers such as Google, Intuit, and Space Systems Loral that have clustered in close proximity to Highway 101 and the Bay Trail. To better link these growing job centers with regional trails and bicycle facilities, and improve access to superb recreation opportunities like the Baylands, the City has prioritized the funding and construction of a new, year-round bicycle and pedestrian overcrossing over Highway 101 at Adobe Creek near the City’s southern border.

Project Status

The Bridge design submissions received during the design competition were not selected due to budget constraints. The City sought design teams through a Request for Proposal process resulting in a design team selection by Council in May 2016. The design team, Biggs Cardosa and Associates (BCA) developed a 15% design for Council consideration in early November 2016. Council accepted a bird-friendly Bowstring Bridge Concept design presented by BCA for a 12-foot wide bridge to meet the $14 million project budget. The project construction will begin early 2019 and is scheduled to be completed in 2020 pending permitting and available funding.


Click here to view the Bowstring Bridge Project Concept

Currently, the city and the design team is preparing the preliminary design and an environmental assessment.  The City is targeting public review of the environmental assessment and the design this summer 2017.


Project Schedule

Project Grant Funding

A Santa Clara County - Recreation Trails Program grant, awarded to the City in November 2012, will provide $4.0 million for the project. The City anticipates notification of a potential $4.35 million in One Bay Area Grant (OBAG) from Cycle 2 program funds in 2017. A $1.0 million contribution from Google is planned to fund additional project contingency to offset any increases in project costs.

Project Documents

Contact Information

Public Works Department
Project Manager: Elizabeth Ames
Project Engineer: Megha Bansal

Website: cityofpaloalto.org/101

Last Updated: Nov 2, 2017