Boards and Commissions

We are currently recruiting for 3-year term positions on the Architectural Review Board and the Historic Resources Board; the Parks and Recreation Commission, the Planning and Transportation Commission and the Stormdrain Oversight Committee will be accepting applications.

On September 9, 2013 the City Council adopted Ordinance Number 5208, and Resolutions 9370 (SDOC) and 9371 (LBOC), realigning the Boards and Commissions recruitment cycle. The City Clerk’s Office will continuously accept applications for all Boards and Commissions.  There will be annual recruitment of all Boards and Commissions to be aligned as below:

Spring Recruitment, all applicable terms will end on April 30.

-          Human Relations Commission     Apply Here    
-          Library Advisory Commission       Apply Here    
-          Public Art Commission                   Apply Here    
-          Utilities Advisory Commission      Apply Here

Fall Recruitment, all applicable terms will end on October 31.

-          Architectural Review Board                          Apply Here    Current Recruitment
-          Historic Resources Board                               Apply Here    Current Recruitment
-          Parks & Recreation Commission                   Apply Here    Current Recruitment
-          Planning & Transportation Commission     Apply Here     Current Recruitment
-          Storm Drain Oversight Committee              Apply Here    Current Recruitment

Upon resignation of a commissioner in the middle of a term, City Council would determine whether to hold a special recruitment to fill the vacancy or wait until the next scheduled recruitment.  These will be considered by the City Council on a case by case basis.

Last Updated: May 27, 2014