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What is the CTC?

The Civic Technology Center (CTC) is the home of the City of Palo Alto's Technology department. But it is also much more than that. The CTC is a destination that more closely resembles and performs like the start-up community in which we serve today. It is an environment that fosters collaboration, ideation, creativity, and co-creation. It’s a new way of doing government technology.


The CTC is used as a meeting space for getting things done. Smart boards help capture brilliant ideas while digital displays communicate the many amazing initiatives the team are working on.


The CTC is a location for co-creation and ideation. The space can be used as a place to brainstorm ideas for civic technology opportunities and building a better future for our city. With vibrant colors, lounge seating, and living art, inspiration is certain to take place.


The CTC provides temporary residency for stakeholders to co-create the future with City staff. It is the intersection where public and private partnerships are developed. The open floor plan allows for rich collaboration and connectedness with team members.


Doing government technology different.

In addition to being the home of the IT department, the Civic Technology Center provides additional services including doubling as a meeting space for small civic tech-related events; providing focus areas for working on complex City problems with technology components; and a place where entrepreneurs can spend time learning about City issues that they may want to solve.

The area houses a new smart bar that acts like the popular genius bar at Apple stores, so that City staff can schedule or just walk up with their laptops and smart devices and get immediate assistance.

Visit the CTC

The CTC is located in the heart of Palo Alto, the birthplace of the Silicon Valley. It resides in Palo Alto’s City Hall on the second floor.

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