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Created KBP 9-16-04
Run by: ZBETTEN Date & Time: 04/13/2010 08:33
Start Date: 03/22/2010 12:00 AM End Date: 04/12/2010 4:29 PM
Total Record Count: 20
Date Submitted Address Project Description Project Manager Permit Number Owner Applicant

04/08/10250 HAMILTON AVRequest by Department of Public Works for Architectural Review for two bulletin boards installed on the plaza-level elevator enclosure, intended for City postings. Zone: PFCampbell, Clare @ 650-617-319110PLN-00000-00114CITY OF PALO ALTONguyen Hung
04/12/10555 BYRON STRequest by Vic Balushian on behalf of Carol Gilbert for Minor Architectural Review of a new monument sign to be located on the corner of Middlefield Road and Hamilton Avenue. Zoning: PC-4173. Environmental Review: Exempt from CEQA.Campbell, Clare @ 650-617-319110PLN-00000-00132Carol GilbertBalushian Vic

Campbell, Clare @ 650-617-3191 Record Count: 2

03/30/103000 EL CAMINO REALRequest by David Ford on behalf of CA Palo Alto Square Limited Partnership for minor staff level Architectural Review for modification to existing Fed-Ex signs. Environmental Assesment: Exempt from the provisions of the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA)per Section 15301. Cutler, Jennifer @ 650-329-214910PLN-00000-00119CA Palo Alto Square Limited PartnershipFord David
04/01/10743 LOS ROBLES AVRequest by Yi-Ran Wu on behalf of Yury Mazin for Individual Review for a new second story to an exisiting single story home. Existing first floor will be remodeled. Zone Disrict: R-1Cutler, Jennifer @ 650-329-214910PLN-00000-00121MAZIN YURY AND MALVINAWu Yi-Ran
04/05/10891 LA PARA AVRequest by Kristen Harrison of Harrison Design on behalf of Alan and Lindsay Schroeder for a Home Improvement Exception to allow a first floor addition for a total floor area 100 square feet above the allowed floor area. Zoning: R-1. Environmental Review: Categorically Exempt from CEQA.Cutler, Jennifer @ 650-329-214910PLN-00000-00124SCHROEDER ALAN AND LINDSEY KHarrison Kirsten
04/12/101174 STANLEY WYRequest by Faiq Ghatala on behalf Hai Nguyen for Individual Review of a new second story on an existing single-story residence. Zoning: R-1. Environmental Review: Exempt from CEQA.Cutler, Jennifer @ 650-329-214910PLN-00000-00133NGUYEN HAI N AND TRAN MAI TGhatala Faiq

Cutler, Jennifer @ 650-329-2149 Record Count: 4

03/22/103090 ROSS RDRequest by Diana Vanderlaan for Protected Tree Removal Permit to remove one redwood tree located in the front yard and severely topped because of power lines. Zoning: R-1.Dockter, Dave @ 650-617-314510PLN-00000-00107Diana VanderlaanVanderlaan Diana

Dockter, Dave @ 650-617-3145 Record Count: 1

03/24/10101 QUARRY RDRequest by Wells Fargo for Architectural Review for two internally illuminated wall-mounted signs.Lee, Elena @ 650-617-319610PLN-00000-00113LELAND STANFORD JR UNIVERSITY BOARDFord David
04/06/10101 QUARRY RDRequest by Stanford Shopping Center for Architectural Review for two trash enclosures and other minor site improvements.Lee, Elena @ 650-617-319610PLN-00000-00127LELAND STANFORD JR UNIVERSITY BOARDBenvenuto John

Lee, Elena @ 650-617-3196 Record Count: 2

04/05/10715 GARLAND DRRequest by Kevin Schwarckoff, on behalf of Jim McVey and Liech Metzler, for an Individual Review for the demolition of an existing one story residence and construction of a 3735 sq. ft. residence and an 832 sq. ft. detached guest house. Mei, Lee @ 650-329-244110PLN-00000-00123Jim McVey and Leich MetzlerSchwarckoff Kevin
04/12/103342 SOUTH CTRequest by Ray Chen, on behalf of Ki H. Lee, for an Individual Review for demolition of a 1300 sq. ft. house and the construction of a 2600 sq. ft. two story single family house in the R-1 Zoning District.Mei, Lee @ 650-329-244110PLN-00000-00131LEE KI HYUN AND TAE SOOGChen Ray

Mei, Lee @ 650-329-2441 Record Count: 2

03/22/10975 N CALIFORNIA AVRequest by Roger Kohler, on behalf of Sungshin Choi, for an Individual Review for the construction of a new two story 2,752.11 square foot residence and a 261.04 square foot detached garage in the R-1 zoning district.Nortz, Jason @ 650-329-218910PLN-00000-00106CHOI JEONG AND SUNGSHIN YEOKohler Roger
03/23/102435 TASSO STRequest by Randy Popp on behalf of Daniel Moskowitz for a Home Improvement Exception (HIE)to extend 4' into the front yard setback. Zone District: R-1.Nortz, Jason @ 650-329-218910PLN-00000-00109Daniel Moskowvitz Randy Popp
03/25/10520 BRYANT STRequest by Dan Cloutier on behalf KG-Bryant LLC for minor staff level ARB and HRB for minor facade improvements. Zone District:CD-C (GF)(P)Nortz, Jason @ 650-329-218910PLN-00000-00115STANKOVIC WILLIAM ET AL Dan Cloutier
04/01/102310 EL CAMINO REALRequest by Hayes Group on behalf of Tevis Famil Partnership for Board Level Minor Architectural Review for the remodel of an exisitng resturant for the purposes of creating a new restuarant. CNNortz, Jason @ 650-329-218910PLN-00000-00122TEVIS FAMILY PARTNERSHIPChan Kyle
04/06/10279 CAMPESINO AVRequest by Jeff Kuo on behalf of Sheue-Ching Yu for Individual Review for a new two-story house. Zone R-1Nortz, Jason @ 650-329-218910PLN-00000-00126NORMAN LOUANNKou Jeff
04/08/10859 LYTTON AVRequest by Charles Brown on behalf of Azxza Lohrasbpour for INdividual review for a new second story addtion and a Home Improvement Exception for the extenstion of left side wall. Zone district: R-1.Nortz, Jason @ 650-329-218910PLN-00000-00129LOHRASBPOUR AZARBrown Charles

Nortz, Jason @ 650-329-2189 Record Count: 6

03/22/103239 WAVERLEY STRequest by Kohler Associates Architects on behalf of Greg Xiong for Individual Review of a new two-story residence. Zoning: R-1. No exceptions are requested. Environmental Review: Exempt from CEQAO'Connell, Stephen @ 650-329-255210PLN-00000-00108Greg XiongKohler Roger
03/23/10626 EVERETT AVRequest by Joseph Bellomo on behalf of Skye and Rolf Muralt for Single Family Individual Review for the construction of a new two story residence. Environmental Assesment: exempt from the provisions of the California Environmental quality Act (CEQA)per Secgtion 15301. O'Connell, Stephen @ 650-329-255210PLN-00000-00112Skye and Rolf MuraltBellomo Joseph

O'Connell, Stephen @ 650-329-2552 Record Count: 2

04/06/10524 HAMILTON AVERequest by Hayes Group on behalf of R&M Properties for Preliminary Architectural Review for the construction of a new two story office building. Environmental Assesment: Not subject to California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA. Reich, Russ @ 650-617-311910PLN-00000-00128R&M PropertiesChan Kyle

Reich, Russ @ 650-617-3119 Record Count: 1

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